This is the listen page, where you listen to all of your fellow lancers podcasts and playlists! We are live from 3:00PM - 10:00PM Daily so make sure to tune in! Here is are radio schedule

Important Schedule Updates:

  • Summer Is Here! Unfortunately, we are off air :( . See you all next year!

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    Here is full radio schedule. Click the event to get a more detailed view or to add to your own calander.



    The radio club has 3 ~ 5 members this year!!! PLEASE JOIN!

    Here are our members:

    Zade Lobo: President

    Zade Lobo is a senior at Saint Francis High School. He joined KSFH to expand on his skills in digital music composition and audio/visual staging.



    Albert Shih: Board Member & Web Devolper

    Albert is a sophmore at Saint Francis High School. He joined radio club because of his love for music and his intrest in tech. He is one of the website developers for KSFH.



    Other Person: Other Person

    For new members! ______ is a _____ at Saint Francis High School. He joined radio club because __________________________________. He is _______ for ksfh.


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    Want to contact us? Email us at or email a specific member using the about page. Want to set up an interview? Insert [IMPORTANT: INTERVIEW] in the subject line before typing anything else.

    Thank You!